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Extreme Robotics: Battlebots (In Person)
#: 4323   ID:    Section: S21A  
Super-Charged NXT LEGO® Robotics Projects! Get ready to take ultimate control! Using the NXT Intelligent Brick from LEGO®, servo motors, advanced ultrasonic, touch and light sensors, and specialized LEGO® Technic® engineering components, students will build extreme robots and overcome challenges. Students working in small teams will control the robot with NXT programs and then experiment and modify them. Students will then be challenged to morph their projects into better, stronger, or faster robots. Please bring lunch and drink.
Bring to Class:
Please bring lunch and a drink. Please drop off and pick up at door 3 from the back parking lot.
Age Req:
grades 3-8
9:00 AM
Tech Academy
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Dates & Times:
7/30/2021   9:00AM - 2:00PM Spring Creek Elementary - Art Room 161