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Behind-the-Wheel instruction is offered year-round (please ignore the dates of the session below). Once a student has completed the classroom session, they will receive a Blue Card (Certificate of Enrollment and Classroom Completion) and can take the knowledge test and apply for an Instruction Permit. Once you have a permit number, you can register for Behind the Wheel and schedule your appointments. No more waiting list--immediately schedule your driving appointments after you register. Email or call 507-664-3648 to make your reservations.

Every driver under the age of 18 who completes behind the wheel instruction and is testing for a provisional driver’s license must submit a driving log. Parents/guardians have two options regarding the supervised driving log:

• Complete a supplemental parent class provided by a driver education program approved in Minnesota, and then submit a supervised driving log showing their teen has completed at least 40 hours (2,400 minutes) of supervised driving, 15 (900 minutes) of which are nighttime hours; OR

• If the parent/guardian chooses to not complete the supplemental parent class, the driving log must show that their teen has completed at least 50 hours (3,000 minutes) of supervised driving, 15 (900 minutes) of which are nighttime hours.

Parents/guardians are encouraged to provide as many additional driving hours with their teen as possible to prepare them to become a safe driver. The driving log must be presented at the time of the road test and submitted with the application for the provisional license. Attach additional sheets, if necessary.  For additional information, call 507.664.3649.

Please visit our Community Education website for more information regarding the Drivers Education program by clicking here

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Sessions: 2 Age: ages 15 - 18
Location: Instructor will call student to schedule appointments. Instructor : Kevin Dahle
Catalog: Fall 2020
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